Digiart Fest 2020




Entry Fee: Free!

Theme: Connecting ideas

A year the entire globe went still. With the pandemic owning the streets we didn't back down but took the event online. Having no clue of how to manage a virtual event had the team spooked but ready for whatever was to come. The program run for 9 days having panel discussions from participants across the African continent shinning a light on the African industry.


Digiart Fest 2020 Agenda

Day 1

11:00am EAT
Opening remarks from the festival director.
11:20am EAT
Expo hall opens

Day 2

09:00am EAT
Call of Duty -war zone

Day 3

04:00pm EAT
Navi seals game play
06:00pm EAT
Discussion: How to best buid a resilient Esports ecosystem for Africa.

Day 4

11:00am EAT
Discussion: What it's like to meet other artists at the Digiart fest
04:00pm EAT
Discussion: Why freedom is a fundamental tool for artists.

Day 5

11:00am EAT
Discussion: Why creatives should value collaborations.

Day 6

08:00pm EAT
Discussion: Adapting to the ever evolving technology as an artist.

Day 7

02:00pm EAT
Discussion: The workspace and it's influence on creative ideas.

Day 8

07:00pm EAT
Discussion: Culture & traditions the world of a story teller.

The theme for the year was "Connecting ideas" and we did our best to draw creatives from West & South Africa, the horn of Africa who all all exhibited their amazing skill to the rest of the world. Being online the number of guest trippled our usual physical events by far. The event gained recognition across sub Saharan Africa and is still readily available on demand to date.